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In what art style would you like to see the Nuzlocke updates? 

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Female | 21

Preferred Type: Ice
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French (intermediate)
-some linguistic capabilities
-Fakemon; Fusions; Megas; Teams
-Dancing (?)
-Criticism (unconstructive)
-Drawing backgrounds
Misc. Pokemon-Related Info:
-First game: Pokemon Silver
-Favorite Pokegirl(s): Misty and May
-Favorite starter: Totodile
-Best part about the games, imo: Personal growth throughout the adventure
-What got me into Pokemon: The anime
-Favorite region: Johto

Big thanks + plans

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 7, 2018, 5:14 AM

Hey you guys!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I wanna give a big thank you to everyone who took a few seconds out of their day to send me birthday wishes! It meant a lot to me :aww:

That being said, I'd like to share what plans I have in mind. I know I constantly shift gears in crazy directions, but my hyperactive creativity just can't sit still. So, after I'm done having fun and helping out in the Nintendo Idols collaborative project, I'm completely revamping a couple old projects to match my current style, in hopes that it'll help me actually finish them completely.

1) My old Zodiac trainers project has been taking a long halt after finishing my Capricorn trainer. I never really liked how they all looked, because not only were they always crowded with big teams, but it was also hard to make the trainers front and center for the drawings. Even though it's fun putting out all the teams on display, I'll be changing it to just the trainer and the Pokemon that represents their sign, so not only will the trainer's partner Pokemon show who they are, but also make the trainer the clear focus of the drawing through showing less of the team, or rather, just that one Pokemon. And maybe in formatting it this way, I can completely finish the project, uploading the missing Aquarius and Pisces trainers. However, I'll show off the rest of their teams through game sprites on the side somewhere on the drawing.

2) My Smash Bros/Sailor Moon mash-up project also has been taking a long halt. I want to revive it in anticipation for the new Switch title. However, the girls currently uploaded will still have their current outfits, just updated to fit my current style. I do plan on adding the Outer Senshi at some point, but I'm unsure if it's better to wait for announcements on characters in the Switch title's roster, or to just use those from the current title's roster. For now, the Inner Senshi + Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask are set in stone.

I'm especially looking forward to updating the former. I haven't drawn anything Pokemon-related in a while, what with me taking a break from it and never getting USUM at launch. It's time I showed that I still care about the franchise even with the fact that I'm not currently playing the games ^^;

All that in mind, please stay tuned!

art by thewrabbithole
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